stgg smm imgIs your small business taking advantage of the power of social media?

There are thousands of businesses out there just like yours that have a social media presence, but aren’t really using it to communicate with their prospective customers.

“Yeah.. we have a page, but we’re too busy to post.”

“What the heck do I even say?”

“Of course we post. We say buy this. Buy this. Buy this… but nobody buys. (Sad face. Sniff…)”

“That social stuff is just for kids. None of my customers use it.”


Sound familiar?





Today, social media is where businesses are discovered, talked about and engaged with. It’s where perceptions are formed about value and loyalty is gained long-term. Social media is how businesses connect and communicate with their customers, and it is not going away any time soon. In fact, social media continues to grow at unfathomable rates of speed, as the people around the world become more connected than they have ever been at any other point in history.

It’s not just for kids anymore either. According to Pew Research Center, 79% of internet users between the ages of 30-49 and 64% of users between the ages of 50-64 use Facebook. And more than once a day. That’s a prime target market baby… is your business visible to that pool of engaged buyers?



percentage of entire U.S. population on social media 


number of active Facebook users worldwide (in billions) 


percentage of online adults with one social media account


If you’re not, you should be. Why?

  • Through social media, your business has the ability to actively target very specific demographics. Research about the geographic location, sex, age and general interests of your desired customer base has been done for you.
  • Once you engage a person with your business page via social media, you have achieved general awareness. Awareness indicates interest. Interest = a warm lead for a sale.
  • Your social media followers are a captured audience to whom you can speak regularly about your business. Before they pick up a phone or set foot through your door.
  • The messages you deliver via social media can convert general interest into sales.
  • You can proactively measure consumer response to each message you deliver, helping you determine ROI. Try that with a print ad.




Our social media managers help you establish a communications strategy based on your target audience and budget, then work for you daily to present your business to the world through engaging social conversation and relationship building.

We engage with your customers on your behalf to promote your business and your value. Our goals?

  • Increased awareness about your company, products and services
  • Increased traffic to your web site
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Sales conversions
  • Managed customer concerns or complaints
  • Converted critics

We do this through:

  • Development of social media strategies & schedules
  • Creation of custom content in your voice promoting value, products, services or promotions
  • Daily posts and engagement with your followers
  • Paid advertising to targeted consumer groups
  • Proactive engagement on personal and partner pages

One of our favorite things to do is help small businesses make a real impact via social media. As your partner, we can help you identify what to say and share and how to convert your social conversation into sales. We offer multiple levels of monthly management services to fit your budget and business goals.

Reach out via the form below or send us an email. We’ll set a time to chat and determine your needs, then show you how to make social media work for your business.


Reach out. Connect. Growth is ahead.